Frequent dry cleaning prolongs the life of your garments and textiles. Some stains are invisible at first or may simply go unnoticed. Dry cleaning your garments on a regular basis can minimize the chance of irreparable damage including set in stains, insect infestations, or ground-in soil that takes on the abrasive quality of sandpaper as it rapidly wears down fibers.

Dry cleaning is a method of removing stains and dirt from garments and fabric by using little or no water. Although literally, dry cleaning is not "dry" cleaning, as the process involves using liquid solvents but very little water. The term "dry cleaning" was coined to contrast the difference between water based cleaning and laundering with solvents.

A dry cleaning system requires certain elements. These include a rotating wash cylinder, a tank for storing solvent, a pump to circulate the solvent, a dryer, filters, a distillation system, and of course, the solvent. Optional components include vapor absorbers or a refrigerated condenser for capturing solvent vapors, a moisture injection system, and computer or card controllers among others.

Solvents most widely used in dry cleaning are perchloroethylene and hydrocarbon. Dry cleaning solution consists of approximately 98% pure solvent, 1% water, and 1% sizings and detergents. If impurities in water, sizing, or detergents make up any more than 1% of the solution, cleaning quality is often compromised by odors or dinginess.

Dry cleaning machines are similar to washing machines. Both use a large tumbling basket to facilitate the cleaning process. In dry cleaning, garments are placed in the basket, which is partially filled with solvent, and then tumbled to drop through the solvent. The agitation of the basket and the flushing action of the solvent do most of the cleaning.

Difficult stains require removal with chemical agents, water, steam, air, or vacuum, applied on what is called a "spotting board." Cleaners may perform one or more of these techniques either before or after dry cleaning to remove individual stains.

With the exceptions of suede and leather, Sunbright Dyers & Dry Cleaners accepts most garments for service. However, we suggest you bring your item to one of our outlets so that our staff can perform a hands-on evaluation. For instance, if an item is badly stained, our assessment may save you the cost of cleaning a garment that will not come completely clean.

From your doorsteps, your clothes land directly to a top notch Laundromat, where they are scrutinized by our quality control manager and sacked in lots with only your clothes. We have state of the art machines which wash and dry your clothes. We then either do folding or steam pressing as per instruction given by you during pickup.

Be it a cold wash or a antiseptic wash or adding of fabric conditioner, we have this all covered for you. You can also mention about any adamant stain and we can arrange special treatment for them. You just need to mention it to our pick up rider and he will write it down in the special instruction column in pick up receipt.

Our pick up riders have reusable laundry bags and you just need to tell our rider suitably about the segregation and our pick up rider will put your clothes in suitable bags.

We take 48 Hours for laundry and 72 hours for dry cleaning. But in case of an emergency, we can make special arrangements.